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JAARS is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting the lives and communities of people in Africa, Asia and the Pacific. By sharing God’s Word and providing Scripture to people around the world, JAARS’s missionaries, volunteers and several employees provide Bible translations in the language people understand best — their heart language. JAARS works with prayer, financial and language development partners in the U.S. to make their missions possible.

How JAARS Makes a Difference

In some of the most problematic and remote places on Earth, JAARS accomplishes Bible translations and language development. Through transportation, technology, media and training, the organization enables sustainable solutions to support the...

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gutters often go unnoticed

Among most homeowners, gutters tend to be appreciated but seldom noticed. This can be problematic as time passes and seasons take their toll on the structural integrity of a gutter system. Even though steel and aluminum gutters can last for upwards of 25 years, and copper can last for up to 60 years, most homeowners only get this type of durability by engaging in timely, biannual maintenance, preferably during the winter and fall seasons.

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Like many of life’s tough decisions, finding the right roofing contractor can be overwhelming. Purchasing a new roof or undergoing roof repairs is a significant financial investment. It’s a decision with many factors to consider. Most homeowners simply don’t have the knowledge that’s required to know when to repair or replace their roofs and what the best materials are.

That’s where choosing the right roofing contractor can make all the difference. The best roofing contractors are not only experienced and skilled in the craft of roofing, but they also have certain professional characteristics that distinguish them from the competition.

Because roofing is such a specialized skill, it’s easy for companies ...

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Sooner or later, all homeowners will need to decide whether to repair or replace their roof. Like other major investments in life, this question usually comes at an inopportune time — especially where finances are concerned. Owners or older homes eventually come face-to-face with the reality of an aging roof that either needs to be replaced or repaired. For homeowners in PA, particularly, recent roof damage requires an immediate response.

But how do you know which decision to make? Even if you do have the funds or can fall back on a home equity loan, most people don’t want to go through with a full roof replacement if it’s not necessary. That’s why homeowners need to inform themselves about when a full roof replace...

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You’ve suffered through a severe wind, rain or hail storm. Now, your roof is damaged and needs expensive repairs. You might have gutter or siding damage, too, which can be even more costly. Thankfully, you’re covered by insurance.

However, even insurance can be a daunting process to endure. This is especially true if you’re not familiar with making insurance claims for roof damage and you don’t know how to work with your claims adjuster.

Insurance claims for roof damage have a fairly straightforward approach. The details matter. They determine if your claim will be fully compensated, partially paid out or entirely denied. Knowing what to expect puts you in a much better position when requesting a claims adjustment f...

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“Oh HAIL no!”

That’s what Richland, PA locals found themselves saying February 25th, 2017 when the town was hit with the first hail storm of the season. Homes were met with 1” hail and strong winds resulting in both hail damage and wind damage to shingles and siding.

The Exterior Company, an exterior insurance restoration company out of Lancaster, PA, will be hosting a free seminar on Wednesday, May 3rd, at the Union House Taproom and Livery, for homeowners in the Richland area who are looking to learn more about filing an insurance claim. Trained members of The Exterior Company will be there to answer questions about the effects of hail damage and wind damage as well as to schedule a free inspection. Footage of...

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Hurricane Matthew officially made landfall on October 8, 2016 southeast of McClellanville, South Carolina. At the time, Matthew was classified as a Category 1 Hurricane, which means wind speed in the eye of the storm ranged from 74-95 mph. Massive flooding occurred throughout both Carolina coasts. The water level at Cape Fear River in Wilmington, NC

shattered a hurricane record of 1954’s Hurricane Hazel. The wake of Matthew left 34 people dead in the United States, including 17 in North Carolina, according to Governor Pat McCrory on October 11th, 2016. For those that survived, it will soon be time to rebuild and repair all of the damage left by the merciless Hurricane Matthew.

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When it comes to protecting your home, it’s what’s on top that actually matters. Common misconceptions about roofing can contribute to a false sense of security.

Below you will discover the top 10 myths about roofing.

Myth: All homes in the neighborhood are affected the same by hail.
Fact: Not all homes are affected the same way. The size and hardness of a hailstone can vary in a small area. Other factors include the pitch of your roof, its age and condition.

Myth: Lighter color “splatter” marks on your roof after a hailstorm means there has been damage done.Fact: No, splatter marks do not necessarily mean any damage has been done. Splatter marks are normal after a hailstorm. Over time, your roof darkens due to alg...

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Have you ever wondered how a professional contractor goes about a roof repair? Here is a quick look into the process.

Inspection: Once an on-site inspection is made, the contractor will check your roof to determine the type and extend of any damage.

Insurance: If applicable, your roofing contractor will help you assess what can be reimbursed from your homeowners insurance and tips on how to fill out a claim.

Contract: A written proposal will be submitted detailing the work to be performed and the contract is signed.

Scheduling: Your repair is scheduled and a team or experienced roofers are assigned to your project. Repair and construction dates are set, materials are ordered and deliveries are scheduled.

Project Beings: Your roofing cont...

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